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The Web has changed the game for your customers— and, therefore, for you. Now, CustomerCentricSelling, already recognized as one of the premier methodologies for managing the buyer-seller relationship, helps you level the playing field so you can reach clients when they are ready to buy and create a superior customer experience.

Customer centric is a way of doing business with your customer in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits. And a customer-centric company is more than a company that offers good service.

The most difficult task in selling–and the number one key to success–is to get inside the head of your buyer. CustomerCentric Selling presents a dynamic process for first understanding and shaping your buyers’ concerns, then helping those same buyers visualize using your offering to achieve goals, solve problems, or satisfy needs.

Your business and its people need to be “CustomerCentric”—willing and able to identify and serve customers’ needs in a world where competition waits just a mouse-click away. Traditional wisdom has long held that selling means convincing and persuading buyers. But today’s buyers no longer want or need to be sold in traditional ways.

CustomerCentric Selling gives you mastery of the crucial eight aspects of communicating with today’s clients to achieve optimal results:

  • Having conversations instead of making presentations
  • Asking relevant questions instead of offering opinions
  • Focusing on solutions and not only relationships
  • Targeting businesspeople instead of gravitating toward users
  • Relating product usage instead of relying on features
  • Competing to win—not just to stay busy
  • Closing on the buyer’s timeline (instead of yours)
  • Empowering buyers instead of trying to “sell” them

What’s more, CustomerCentric Selling teaches and reinforces key tactics that will make the most of your organization’s resources. Perhaps you feel you don’t have the smartest internal systems in place to ensure an ideal workflow. (Perhaps, as is all too common, you lack identifiable systems almost entirely.) From the basics—and beyond—of strategic budgeting and negotiation to assessing and developing the skills of your sales force, you’ll learn how to make sure that each step your business takes is the right one.

You’re probably a successful salesperson, sales manager, sales executive, or CEO. You may even be one of the best…CustomerCentric Selling can help you to be even better…Better in that you will stop thinking in terms of your products and their features, and start thinking in terms of your buyers and their goals, problems, and needs. Better in that you will stop forcing products on buyers, and instead start allowing them to convince themselves of their need for your offerings. Better in that you will stop giving long-winded, opinion-laden speeches to lower-level “buyers”, and instead begin to have no-nonsense, results-oriented business conversations with decision makers.

Better at virtually every stage of your approach….Whether you are new to sales or a CEO, the market-proven methods outlined in CustomerCentric Selling will show you how to:

Move beyond impersonal presentations to engage in situation-specific, one-to-one conversations with key decision makers

Consistently use sales-ready messaging to ensure your approach is both meaningful and on TargetMove buyers from focusing on what your product can do for them to focusing on what they can do with your productConvert your product’s features into four-step, targeted usage scenarios that drive right to the heart of your buyer’s NeedsTransform the sell cycle from a realm of mystery to a rational, orderly, and cooperative process with individual buyers and even committees

CustomerCentric Selling will show you how to transform each sales call from an annoying, artificial one-way speech into a productive, genuine two-way conversation. It will help you understand and shape your customers’ needs, and then–and only then–reveal to your customer how your offering will fulfill those needs in the most cost-effective, meaningful, and customercentric manner possible.

Are you where you want to be, to be as successful as you can be? If not, what needs to change?

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